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Nurse Investor Education Project

The Center for American Nurses (CAN) and the Women's Institute for a Secure Retirement (WISER) established a three year partnership to identify nurses' specific financial information needs and to develop curriculum  and workshops to meet those needs.  The project began with a survey to identify nurses' needs and will conclude with a survey to measure success.  This project is the Nurse Investor Education Project and is funded by the FINRA Investor Education Foundation.  

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ANA-MAINE responded to a call for  six constituent member associations of ANA to participate in the Nurses Investor Education Project (NIEP).  We, the Board of ANA-Maine, grasped the opportunity to serve our membership holistically. With the usual focus on professional development, it is exciting to offer a program aimed at personal growth.  In this troubling financial era, we are now able to offer education aimed at optimizing skills in money management and preparing for a secure retirement.  

Irene Eaton-Bancroft, RN, MSN, CS and Marcy McGuire, RN, MSN wrote the grant for ANA-Maine. They envisioned making the program available to our membership, and beyond, throughout our state.  Each was driven by a personal appreciation of the value in developing personal financial management skills and a commitment to share this with others.  The proposal won a grant for ANA-Maine! 

Irene and Marcy have been trained by WISER and now offer the program as individual or breakout sessions. The program is open to all nurses and, as space allows, to allied health care workers.  Our grant commitment is for a two-year program, inclusive of training.  It will conclude with an evaluation to measure what difference this program has made in the lives of nurses in Maine.

The program debuted the Friday and Saturday of Nurses' Week 2009. We are grateful for this opportunity and excited about what it can mean in the lives of our nurses. Further, we are committed to make the program available state-wide and to offer it, as long as possible, at no cost to workshop/conference planners or attendees.  There are no strings attached.  No products or services are promoted.

We offer this opportunity for self-empowerment.

NIEP: A three-year partnership between Women Investing in a Secure Retirement (WISER) and the Center for American Nurses (CAN) funded by a grant from FINRA Investor Education Foundation with a grant to ANA-MAINE.